For Kennis Transport, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) occupies an important place between providing First-Class Service to our clients and offering a pleasant working environment to the company’s staff.

Blind spot project 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) recurs in several ways within the organisation, but is most palpable in the special CSR projects we organise or support annually. For instance, we participate in the blind spot project every year. On several elementary schools in and around Breda we inform children of the dangers of the blind spot, teaching them to anticipate on traffic situations.

Focused support of charities

We annually support several charities that we think can use our support, and which we trust to spend the money in the right places.

Durability and tidiness

More in general, Kennis Transport tries to deal consciously with aspects touching on durability. We try to choose energy-efficient solutions as much as possible, handle our waste in a responsible way and make people aware of a good living environment. By keeping the company and the premises tidy we emanate tidiness, which adds to the quality and attractiveness of the industrial area.


Kennis’ direction thinks it is important that children can practise sports. This helps the youth to stay fit and prevent obesity. From this perspective Kennis supports several sports clubs. Clubs we sponsor include:

  • Football club Moerse Boys, Zundert (V.V. Moerse Boys)
  • Football club Beek Vooruit, Prinsenbeek (v.v. Beek Vooruit)
  • Cycling club Breda, Breda (WV Breda)
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