Kennis Transport is a full-service logistics service provider with roots dating back almost 90 years. The family firm started in 1926 with the transportation of fruit and vegetables in the region around the North-Brabant town of Zundert to the auctions in Breda, Hoogstraten and Antwerp.

Groupage transport 

Based on the wish of suppliers in the agricultural sector in and around Breda the logical next step was taken: combining shipments. Groupage transport was born. Initially the transports were focused on The Netherlands and Belgium, but later rides were made to several destinations in Europe. To realise better returns a specialisation was chosen in the 1960s.

France specialisation

Given the company’s location in the south of the country, the number of transports to France at that moment and the problem of the French language, France was a logical choice. The specialisation turned out to be very profitable. In the late 1980s the location in Zundert became too small, so in 1990 Kennis Transport moved to the logistics industry park Hazeldonk, on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Around the turn of the century this location became too small as well, and the company started renting additional space.

Finally, in 2007, the step was made to a new logistics centre which is still the current headquarters. In 3 short years Kennis found themselves growing again with a new development in 2010. In 2013 a branch in Belgium was opened. In 2014 Kennis has a total of 45,000 square meters of warehouse surface area.    

In october 2014 kennis took-over Elem BV. With this acquisition Kennis managed to strengthen their Benelux distribution network in order to provide a better and faster service to their customers. The acquisition was a good move and soon the housing of ELEM was too small. In July 2015, a 3500 m2 large cross dock centre was purchased.

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