In order to guarantee our service, it is necessary to keep up-to-date with IT developments and, where possible, even to be at the forefront of them. Therefore, we have developed a user friendly Webportal. With the use of the Webportal, you can easily book orders online at any time of the day.


Do you book shipments often? Then it is useful to create an account on our portal. The advantage of this is that the information exchange is even faster. Your booking will be entered directly into our system and when it has been checked and approved, you will receive a confirmation from us. You also can create an address book in the portal in which you can add fixed loading and unloading addresses.

On the portal you will see all your bookings and requests with the corresponding status. You can see the ETA and the location of the transports in progress and you can download the CMR for completed shipments.

On your personal dashboard you will see some personal statistics such as the number of transports you have booked, the total loadings meters and the total weight we have transported for you.


There is also an RFQ module on our website. You can easily request a quotion for your transport. Even when you have an account on our portal you have access to this module.

Your request will be processed immediately and you will receive a price proposal from us by mail within a few minutes. In this mail you will find all data and you can make your choice using the buttons Accept, Change or Cancel. When you accept the quotation, it will be entered directly in our system and you will receive a conformation of your order.


Our IT department is working to create links between our systems and those of our customers on a daily basis. The goal is simple; to make manual retyping of all data redundant. We offer you the choice between a standard link and a custom link.

With a standard link, the customer delivers the order in a standardized XML format via sFTP. The order confirmation can be downloaded by the customer via the same sFTP connection.

With a custom link, the own developers of Kennis Transport realize the link between your TMS and our system. Any form of structured messages is possible. Some examples: XML, CSV, Excel, EDIFACT, TXT.

Advantages of an EDI-link:

  • Faster exchange of infromation
  • Less chance of mistakes
  • Less paperwork
  • Available 24/7
  • A faster turnaround time for orders
  • Access to the current status of the shipment
  • The CMR is available as soon it is in our system

Are you interested in booking shipments on our new Webportal? Or would you like to have more information? Do not hesitate to contact us via or 076-5963486.

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