Kennis Transport & Logistics strives to offer continuous quality. Being a First-Class service provider in the logistics branch comes and will always remain first. We work consistently on process improvements and innovative developments with the aim of providing you with the best logistics service and quality.

Our mission

‘Kennis Transport & Logistics BV wants to be a leader in the provision of high-quality solutions to logistics questions. It does so by offering the best service and highest reliability and by applying and developing innovative techniques.’

Our vision

To realise this mission, Kennis Transport & Logistics BV wants to be a leading logistics service provider who:

  • Realises efficiency through continuous process improvement
  • Provides First-Class quality with the best service and highest reliability
  • Innovates in the application and development of new techniques
  • Offers challenging work to employees in an effective operation

We will observe the following core values:

  • Act safely and according to legal guidelines
  • Acting socially responsible by, for instance, participating in programmes such as Lean & Green
  • Always respect clients and colleagues and stimulate personal growth by working with a horizontal organisational structure.

Our ambition

  • To be a leader
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