Kennis Transport was founded in 1926 and has remained a family firm ever since. This is noticeable in the atmosphere within the company. But the conviviality and openness that are so characteristic of this company are emphatically liked to a continuous ambition for the highest quality. Our motto, providing a First-Class Service, is something we live up to on a daily basis.

Company and the people | Kennis Transport

Honest contact

The contact with clients takes place on the basis of equality and honesty. We try to inform our clients as quickly and thoroughly as possible on the status of a transport, either digitally or through personal contact by telephone. And if you enter into a partnership with Kennis Transport, you can be assured that your goods will be transported or stored neatly, clean and with an eye for detail. The discipline we show in this ensures that Kennis growth and is financially sound.

Innovation through open communication

The company is organised on the basis of passion and an ambition for quality. The open communication between employees and between the direction and managers and staff on the work floor generates a constant flow of innovative ideas. Our experienced employees will gladly make an extra effort, thanks to which we will certainly complete assignments successfully. The result is that with many of our clients we have had a partnership for many years.

Modern IT systems

Kennis Transport & Logistics’ direction has always seen the necessity of good IT solutions. It therefore invests in IT continuously. Some examples of this are a warehouse management system (WMS) and a transport management system (TMS). In addition, the modern fleet of vehicles is equipped with board computers ensuring swift and precise tracking and tracing of both vehicles and goods. Orders are digitally scanned, prices are calculated automatically and hours are digitally paid.

Sound organisation

Its staff is Kennis Transport’s most valuable asset. The experience of the planners, the knowledge and skills of our drivers, the experience of our warehouse staff and technicians ensure optimal performance of the organisation. The options offered by the storehouses and multifunctional vehicles and the good contacts with the sales department ensure clients’ lasting satisfaction. Clients are served with quality and this pays off in a high level of service, good results and sound financial management.

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