Kennis Transport has its seat in Breda, the logistics hotspot between the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. From here, we supply all our shipments to clients throughout the Benelux.

Benelux distribution


As a logistics service provider, Kennis has provided transport through the Benelux for almost 90 years. Whether it concerns partial shipments, groupage or rush jobs, we are able to transport your goods in the proper way and deliver them at any desired time for you. Of course this also applies to all your ADR goods or other goods with client-specific demands.


Multifunctional vehicles, modern telematics and clever, experienced planners at the office ensure a guaranteed high level of service. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but we do promise an excellent service at competitive rates. Furthermore, we work with partners who, like Kennis Transport, have a specialisation and a good reputation. After all, quality always comes first! Nearly all our trucks are equipped with a tailboard or forklift.

For shipment in the Benelux we offer the transport of:

  • Groupage shipments
  • Partial Loads ( LTL )
  • Full Truck Loads ( FTL )
  • Exceptional transport
  • Courier / time-critical shipments

You can call on us for the transport of:

  • Dry trade goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Foodstuffs / HACCP goods
  • High-Value  goods
  • Machines
  • Oversized goods
  • Vulnerable goods
  • Wheeled goods (see Beavertail)
  • Crane loads / via roof
  • Tail-lift shipments

We employ the following vehicles for you:

  • 13.60 Taut liners (with tail lift)
  • 13.60 Box trailers (with tail lift)
  • Motor cars with tailboard
  • 13.60 Tautliners with forklift
  • 13.60 Open trailers
  • (Semi) low-loaders with ramp
  • Beavertail (dedicated)
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