The Netherlands is one of the main trading partners of Portugal. It ranks fifth in Europe. It is a trade between two countries that are known as trading nations and have good access to transports over sea. When the incoming and outgoing goods must be taken to the European continent, road transport is the most obvious option. Kennis Transport has ample experience in this and will gladly help you serve the Portuguese market.


The country’s main logistics hotspots are of course the big cities Lisbon and Porto. From the Netherlands it is mainly machines, transport equipment, chemical products, office and automation machines, agricultural products and various semi-finished products that find their way to Portugal. The other way round, the Netherlands imports mostly shoes from Portugal. With the opportunities presenting themselves today, Portugal is an interesting country to focus on. If you have ideas to do business or are looking for better transport or logistics to Portugal, please contact Kennis Transport’s country specialists. They will gladly help you make your business into a success.

For shipment from and to Portugal we offer the transport of:

  • Groupage shipments
  • Partial Loads ( LTL )
  • Full Truck Loads ( FTL )
  • Exceptional transport
  • Courier / time-critical shipments

You can call on us for the transport of:

  • Dry trade goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Foodstuffs / HACCP goods
  • High-Value  goods
  • Machines
  • Oversized goods
  • Vulnerable goods
  • Wheeled goods (see Beavertail)
  • Crane loads / via roof
  • Tail-lift shipments

We employ the following vehicles for you:

  • 13.60 Taut liners (with tail lift)
  • 13.60 Box trailers (with tail lift)
  • Motor cars with tailboard
  • 13.60 Tautliners with forklift
  • 13.60 Open trailers
  • (Semi) low-loaders with ramp
  • Beavertail (dedicated)

Our transit times are:

  • Groupage: 72 – 96 h
  • LTL (less than truck load): 72 – 96 h
  • FTL (full truck load): 48 – 72 h
  • Departure days groupage: daily
  • Departure LTL: daily
  • Departure days FTL: daily
  • JIT delivery possible

What else do we offer for transports to Portugal:

  • Complete customs clearance
  • Insurance (supplementary)
  • Local storage
  • EDI-interfaces / online order entry
  • Digital POD
  • Digital invoice

Need more information?

Give us a call via 0031-76-5969138.

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