Our service is extensive: from road transport to intermodal, from warehousing to Value Added Services (VAS): Kennis Transport provides all imaginable logistics services for its clients, This makes working with Kennis Transport & Logistics into a First-Class experience!

You can turn to Kennis Transport & Logistics for, among other things:

  • Transport of groupage and smaller shipments;
  • Transport of partial batches;
  • Transport of complete cargoes up to 25 tonnes;
  • Transport of volume shipments up to 105 m3;
  • Transport of oversized shipments;
  • Transport of self-rolling shipments; (tower wagons, tractors, cars, etc.) 
  • Transport of express shipments;
  • 24-hour distribution in the Benelux;
  • Transport of ADR shipments;
  • Transport of foodstuffs according to HACCP norms;
  • Transport of high-tech goods and other theft-sensitive goods;
  • Providing ‘just-in-time’-deliveries;
  • Warehousing, free and customs warehousing type C, (own warehouses);
  • Value Added Logistics (V.A.L.)
  • Value Added Services (V.A.S.)
  • Sea cargo;
  • Air cargo;
  • Customs clearance.
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