Your dedicated transport is in very good hands with Kennis Transport. It is a specialisation with which we have had decades of experience.

Dedicated transport | Kennis Transport

Technical or strategic

Kennis Transport offers two types of dedicated transport: transport especially designed for you (technical) or transport carried out especially for you (strategic). The difference seems small, but the nuances can make the difference between standard or successful transport. In any case, with Kennis you are assured of both the option of technical dedicated transport and of customised transports to specific destinations.


There are various reasons to choose dedicated transport. For its form there are several options as well. The experience gained by Kennis is valuable for the advice to our clients. Quality is our first principle, so if we see a chance to improve the quality of a transport, we will certainly submit this to you. As a result, you have a choice between something you have thought out yourself, a combination of your and our idea or going for the full service of Kennis Transport.

Best solution

Arriving at the best solution in close consultation with you gives our experienced employees most satisfaction. The knowledge gained by them prevents any unnecessary costly adjustments of equipment. A good contact between our sales department and those responsible logistically and technically, in which we are represented by one person, gives you the certainty of the best possible solution for the transport of your goods.

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