Sea cargo and air cargo requires just a little bit more specialisation than standard transport. In the case of transport by boat or by air, your company is dealing with more links in the chain. Kennis Transport will gladly take these types of transport from your hands. Thanks to our extensive network and the security of regular partners in every country we can successfully collect and deliver your goods at their destination.

SEA AND AIR CARGO Kennis Transport

Quality and service

The partners we work with have been selected on the basis of the same high quality demands Kennis makes on its staff and organisation. To us, this is a guarantee that we can offer our clients First-Class service all over the world.

Customs formalities

The most important burden that is taken from your shoulders when you outsource intercontinental transports is the administrative one. In addition to the customs formalities, we ensure that all documents are in order, so both loading and unloading, the distribution within The Netherlands and storage in our warehouse run smoothly. In our storehouses we have sufficient space for storage and clearance of your goods.

Outsourcing organisational and administrative burdens

By outsourcing your sea and air cargo shipments to Kennis Transport, you save yourself a considerable organisational and administrative burden. Of course intermediate solutions are always imaginable, or you may wish to see specific wishes fulfilled. We will gladly discuss this with you to arrive at the best solution for you.

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