The Road Show innovations invented, fine-tuned and provided by Kennis come from the Tailor-made Solutions department. A standard activity for a client turned out to be the basis for an innovative concept, allowing this same client to now show and demonstrate machines, while saving considerably on transportation costs.

Road show trailer | Kennis Transport

Trailer as a movable demonstration space

A good conversation with a client led to adjustments in a trailer so it can be used as a demonstration space, but can transport the machines to be shown as well. The adjustments have been thought out by Kennis Transport in close collaboration with the client, and have been carried out by a renowned trailer builder. We are very proud of the result.

Client-specific concept

This Road Show that we have developed is only an example. The basis is an innovative trailer concept, but the solution can be made entirely client-specific. The truck can be executed in any house style and can be used for any type of event. The concept offers companies the option of inviting clients to desired locations. After the demonstration of, for instance, machines, the Road Show can easily be loaded and taken to the next appointment.

Trained drivers

Kennis Transport offers the Road Show concept in combination with well-trained and educated drivers, who are certified to safely operate your product, which is of course very convenient when the products to be exhibited have to be installed at the proper location. The trailers have been provided with a generator for power supply.

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