Kennis Transport is known for its First-Class transport solutions to all corners of the earth. Whether it concerns European Freight Solutions, Benelux Distribution, Dedicated Transport or Sea and Air cargo, Kennis ensures that your goods and transport arrive properly and timely. For this, we frequently use self-developed transport solutions, on the one hand responding to the wishes of our clients, on the other keeping our level of service high using our experience and extensive certifications.

Transport first class transport

Thinking along with our clients

By thinking along with our clients we are able to choose exactly the right transport solution. The company’s firm growth attests to the success of this approach. With our experienced team we develop appealing examples of tailor-made solutions. The Beavertail is an excellent example of how we were able to help a new client with the transport of machines with little ground clearance. An innovative construction of a conventional truck helps the client transport unusual machines, which arrive at their destination spotlessly as well.

Kennis as a pivot for European transports

Our locations in the border area of the Netherlands and Belgium ensure excellent accessibility from the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the European hinterland. It makes Kennis Transport the ideal pivot for both our European cargo solutions and Benelux Distribution.

Efficiency thanks to multifunctional vehicles

Who says transport to France, say Kennis Transport. Every week our vehicles can be found in all departments of the country, nearly always provided with a tailboard. But the rest of Europe also belongs to our sphere of activity. In addition, we employ vans and have several burglar-proof cars. Kennis Transport realises like no other that transport should be efficient at all times, regardless of the type of transport. For this reason, all vehicles have been made as multifunctional as possible. This means that unusual goods can be combined easily and that at departure, return freight is already taken into account. 

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