Thinking up client-specific transport solutions is in Kennis Transport’s DNA. In this, the company has distinguished itself for many years. One of our solutions is the Beavertail.

Beavertail | Kennis Transport


The beavertail concept is an innovative superstructure for conventional trucks with which unusual machines can be transported. Thanks to an ingenious system with a movable part of the loading floor, machines can be loaded and unloaded in standard trucks with tarpaulin covers using a small angle of inclination. It concerns machines that usually require special transport. A driver can lower the back part of the loading floor while at the backside of the truck a hydraulic part slides outward. The driver performs these actions using a wireless control. The vehicles have a low loading floor, using the available loading space optimally. The trucks are still suited to all forms of groupage transport without limitations compared to conventional vehicles.

Target group

The system has been developed for rolling machines such as forklifts, tower wagons, agricultural vehicles etc. Kennis transports these all over Europe. As these machines are often low-floor and as a result often have little ground clearance, the Beavertail solution opted for transporting them ‘dedicated’ with low loaders. The Beavertail ensures special transport is no longer required to transport these machines. 

Why Kennis Beavertail?

The concept was developed to be able to transport these machines in trucks for groupage transport, intended to be able to combine cargo flows, reducing vehicle kilometres and harmful emissions to the environment. For that reason: Kennis Beavertail!

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