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In many cases it is cheaper and more efficient to leave storage management to Kennis instead of doing it yourself. Not only is it in a well-secured location with Kennis, we also have all desired supplementary activities under one roof. In addition, we can make things more convenient for you by taking over customs and duty clearance and we have all required certificates to comply with laws and regulations concerning the storage of your goods.

Public and dedicated warehousing

Kennis Transport offers its clients two types of warehousing: dedicated and public. 100.000 square metres of warehousing surface area is available, with a considerable part made suitable for public warehousing. We store your goods as efficiently as possible, taking your client-specific demands into account. Dedicated warehousing implies that your goods are stored in a separate or secured part of our storehouses. Depending on your demands we provide the best logistics conditions and handling. Our constant focus on quality appeals to many clients. We use a modern WMS, meaning all information is available to you at all times.

Racks or stacked storage

Kennis Transport offers its clients very diverse storage options. The most obvious are racks and stacked storage. By always opting for solid racks, we can store various goods efficiently and without problems in the warehouses. If your pallets can be stacked, we have sufficient space for this. In addition, we offer you the option to store unmarketable goods outside, on our premises. We have suitable loading and unloading options at our disposal. Let yourself be informed on our competitive rates.

Extensive security measures

Safety is an aspect in the logistics branch that receives more and more attention. In its warehouses, Kennis Transport has a Sprinkler EFSR installation of no less than 2.1 bar. The buildings have been completely insulated and are fire and burglar proof according to the most recent standards. The entire storage in the dc’s is protected with the latest class 3 security system. Cameras inside and outside the building ensure that no uninvited visitor passes unnoticed.

The hard steel fences around the warehouses are provided with power wires. The outside area is illuminated night and day, even after the gates are closed. A security service keeps lookout both day and night.

Important warehousing aspects

Kennis Transport has:

  • 100,000 m2 of storage area in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Completely insulated and fire and burglar-proof storehouses
  • Class 3 security system
  • Sprinkler EFSR-installation with 4.1 bar
  • RF scanning
  • HACCP equipped
  • Racks and stacked storage solutions
  • VAL and VAS options
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