Managing and storing goods that go through customs is a trade all its own. The administrative actions must be done flawlessly. Kennis Transport has experienced staff that are well-informed on the latest obligations as to customs.

Customs Entrepot C | Kennis Transport


As a full-service service provider we have the AEO certificate (Authorised Economic Operator), meaning that the organisation Kennis Transport & Logistics has been deemed safe and reliable by Customs. For you as a client this has several benefits on international trade. Less checks are performed in our operational processes, reducing the chance of delays in your shipments to a minimum. In addition, administrative processes are dealt with quicker. Kennis Transport’s location between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam is of strategic importance: from the ports your goods arrive quickly, and logistics lines are also short in the outgoing flows.

Entrepot C

All our warehouses fall under our Entrepot type C licence. An Entrepot type C licence is an economic customs arrangement in which goods from outside the EU of which the final destination has not yet been fixed, can be stored. During storage of these goods no import duties need to be paid. No terms are fixed for this storage. In addition, this licence does not bind us to any location or space – so we can store your goods as efficiently as possible.

Modern IT and smooth processing

Modern IT plays an ever more important role in the management and clearance of customs goods. You can be assured that Kennis Transport has the right systems to warrant smooth processing. In addition, our systems are linked to the systems of customs, meaning we are not dependent on office hours and reduce the risk of errors to a minimum.

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