What seems to be a simple action, transport to and from a distribution centre, requires repetitive activities. Do you want a container just-in-time? Or do you want to get rid of the necessity to approach a transporter for each new transport? In both cases Kennis Transport is the partner you are looking for. As a full-service logistics service provider, we also have our own storage space and an extensive network of partners and the knowledge to do your logistics for you. And there is a big chance that our costs will decrease or your level of service will increase. Or both.

Container transport | Kennis Transport


Transport of one or a few containers burdens your organisation with excessive administrative actions. We are sure that we can unburden your organisation by doing these activities for you. Of course we will discuss your wishes and conditions first and will continuously try to improve our services on the basis of that. It doesn’t matter to which destination your container goes, as we are quite at home in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. We also have good contacts with several inland terminals.

Smart and efficient container transport

With us, separate containers become part of the flow of approx. 100,000 international shipments. This does not only concern container transport, but other logistics flows of goods as well. The thickness of these flows creates efficiency opportunities. Kennis Transport can make smart combinations for you, thanks to a precise administration and smart planning. Your containers are obviously in good hands with Kennis Transport.

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