Value Added Logistics activities (VAL) ensure that you or your clients are always provided with the right products in the right amounts and of the right composition. The combination of actions underlying these is important. Kennis Transport carries out VAL actions with the help of well-trained staff who are aware of the importance of providing quality. A First-Class approach of our client in many cases means improved service to your clients.

Value added Logistics | Kennis Transport

Unburdening leads to benefits

If you opt for the Value Added Logistics activities (VAL) of Kennis Transport, you are assured of a number of benefits. Your storage and personnel costs will decrease, you will have a broader supply of products and you will shorten the time-to-market of your products. After all, delivery time is reduced. As we take a burden off your shoulders, you can focus on your core business.

VAL activities and innovation

By outsourcing VAL activities to Kennis Transport, you avoid unnecessarily expensive adjustments of your own processes. In our distribution centres we have years of experience with the assembly of products, which means that we can also give you advice. Thinking along and partnering with our clients is in our blood. Close cooperation with a client has led to adjustments in the existing  logistics process several times, with clear benefits for both the client and Kennis Transport. By being just a little more innovative we make your logistics more successful.

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